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With nearly 500 miles of gorgeous shoreline, Lake Murray is a true treasure. Drawing visitors from miles around and enticing many residents to reside here year round, the Lake Murray area should not be missed. Spanning four counties and linking together countless communities, Lake Murray will continue to be a focal point for recreation and fun for many generations.

Lake Murray real estate is highly desirable, and residents will not regret buying a home here. With single family homes and condos boasting lovely views and even sitting lakeside, homes for sale in Lake Murray are second to none. Home buyers will no longer be jealous of those who have homes at Lake Murray—instead, they will be joining them. Whether as a full-time home or a vacation property, Lake Murray real estate makes dreams come true.

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At more than 40 miles long, Lake Murray reaches into Lexington, Newberry, Richland and Saluda Counties. It is actually a reservoir created by the construction of the Saluda Dam in 1930. Before the lake’s creation, there were several villages along the Saluda River that needed to be emptied. Even today, there are remnants of buildings, bridges and more at the bottom of Lake Murray. For decades, Lake Murray has been a recreation hot spot, in addition to providing hydroelectric power for the area.

Residents who live in the cities and towns along the lake may work in different locations and have children that attend different schools, but the Lake Murray community is connected by their love of the lake and the common goals of creating a fine quality of life. Some of the more prominent communities in the Lake Murray area include Lexington, Chapin, Irmo, Leesville and Saluda, just to name a few. The Lake Murray area is bursting with things to do and see, making it a fine place to live, work and play.

Of all the things to do in Lake Murray, water activities top the list. Marinas of all sizes encircle the lake, including South Shore Marina, Dreher Island State Park, Epting’s Landing, Jakes Landing, South Shore Marnina and Siesta Cove Marina, just to name a few. Boating, fishing, swimming, water skiing, canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, sailing, jet skiing and much more are ready and waiting for residents. Fishing enthusiasts will be particularly excited and they can join up with state or national fishing tournaments.

Other things to do in the Lake Murray area include biking, hiking, walking, camping and more.Wildlife fans can see everything from purple martins to great blue herons and more. Golf lovers will have to choose between locations like Cobblestone Park Golf club, Fort Jackson Golf Club and the Mid-Carolina Golf Course, among others. Top attractions also include the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden, Lake Murray Dam, and the Harriet Barber House, just to name a few. The highlight of the summer season is the Boat Parade plus the fireworks show at Spence & Dreher Island State Park.

It’s difficult to imagine why home buyers would look anywhere else when it comes to Lake Murray real estate. In fact, the hardest part about choosing from the homes for sale in Lake Murray is deciding which of the wonderful communities to live in. Home buyers who have made the decision to check out Lake Murray homes for sale are making a good investment in their future.